Green World Blood Circulatory Machine is the most effective device for restoring circulation of lymph and blood. It is an excellent exercising device that presses all your reflex points and restores circulation of lymph and blood in order to promote proper way to a healthy body.

With Blood Circulatory Machine no need for sweaty and expensive gym clothes just step
onto the machine in your work clothes and let it vibrate you back into good health.

With only 10 minute session on the machine, three times per day is equivalent to spending 2 hours training with no strain on the joints or the heart as the vibrating plate moves smoothly with speeds from 1-50 levels. It has a remarkable massage affect which relaxes the muscles and increases flexibility.
The technology combine the 19th Century medical theories with modern theories, this machine
promotes metabolism and eliminates tiredness, unwinding muscles and shaping
the curve of the body.

Green World Blood Circulatory Machine Is Effective in:

1.      Hormonal benefits

2.      Better bone density

3.      Micro-circulation, cardio circulatory system (Blood circulation), Respiratory Disorders.

4.      Over weight and constipation Pain

5.      Arthritis,  Low Backache, Sciatica Stiff joints, Prevent Osteoporosis and muscles strengthening

6.      Beauty, skin elasticity, Body re-modelling and skin problems

7.      Insomnia Regulating sugar levels Hypothyroidism

8.      Frozen shoulder Fatigue Numbness & Anti Stress

9.      Many more…….


The Following Benefits Can Be Achieved With The Machine


After training session with the machine, the blood circulation double and there by resulting in the body carrying off waste products much faster thereby enhancing recovery; It helps to eliminate the problem with high blood pressure and anorexia and even coronary heart disease. Frequent vibration by Blood Circulatory machine cleans blood vessel, spur circulation of the blood, dispel toxins, opening the veins to facilitates blood circulation, enhance metabolism and there by pro long life.


Anti-cellulite through the promotion of the of the blood flow to the problem areas

Consume the unwanted fat on the hips, waist and abdomen by vibration and massage technique thereby firming the skin tone and reshaping the body.


Stimulates intestines and thus helps with constipation by massaging the points according to medical theory. It improve digestive and absorption function.


Keep fit and enhance immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood and activating cell. Significant hormonal effects from training (increased testosterone and growth hormone and decreased cortisol ‘stress hormone’);


Enhance the balance of internal secretion by stimulating and massaging the points. Regulating blood microcirculation can takes the effects of facial beautifications and health caring. Improves conductive ability of nerve cells and regulates the neural system and mitigates neurasthenic (a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness, loss of memory, and generalized aches and pains, formerly thought to result from exhaustion of the nervous system).

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