Artemisin Toothpaste 200g: With Anti-Malaria Effect

Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g

The Longrich Artemisin Multi-effect Total Protection Toothpaste is a multi effect total protection tooth paste. It contains premium herbal extracts, and it eliminates oral inflammation to protect your gums! Artemisin Multi-effect Total Toothpaste is for those who want to feel their teeth clean and refreshed. It provides protection from bad breath, tooth decay as well as pain in the gums! This all natural product also helps kill germs so you can enjoy fresh mouth every day of your life with this toothpaste.


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Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g

Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g is made with premium herbal extracts that are gentle on your teeth and gums. The toothpaste has a unique formula that provides multi-effect protection for your teeth and gums, ensuring that you maintain excellent oral health.

One of the benefits of using Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste is its ability to eliminate oral inflammation. The toothpaste contains garlic, oregano, and spearmint which have antibacterial properties that help to kill germs and prevent gum diseases like gingivitis. Additionally, the toothpaste is fluoride-free, making it a great option for people who are sensitive to fluoride.

If you are concerned about maintaining the fresh breath, Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste can help you achieve that. The toothpaste is designed to leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed, giving you long-lasting fresh breath. It is a great option for people who struggle with bad breath as it eliminates the bacteria that cause it.

The toothpaste is also effective in preventing tooth cavities. It contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that help to remineralize your teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay. Regular use of Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste can help to prevent the formation of cavities, ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and strong.

In conclusion, Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g is an excellent product for maintaining excellent oral health. It is made with natural ingredients that provide multi-effect protection for your teeth and gums. Regular use of this toothpaste can help to eliminate oral inflammation, prevent bad breath, boost your immunity, prevent tooth cavities, and alleviate gingivitis. If you are looking for a toothpaste that is gentle, effective, and natural, Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g is the perfect option for you.

Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g

Health Benefits of Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200g

  1. Improves overall oral health.
  2. Promotes fresh and pleasant breath.
  3. Boosts immunity, fights bacteria, and maintains oral ecology.
  4. Prevents tooth decay and cavities.
  5. Alleviates gingivitis and gum inflammation.
  6. Contains premium herbal extracts for added protection.
  7. Antibacterial, fungicidal, and anticarcinogenic properties from Artemisin plant.
  8. Restores teeth to health and eliminates oral inflammation.
  9. Helps to maintain strong and healthy teeth.
  10. Prevents bad breath and promotes good oral hygiene.
  11. Provides a clean and refreshed feeling after use.
  12. An all-natural product that is safe and effective for everyday use.
  13. Chic and shiny smile due to the combination of garlic, oregano, and spearmint extracts.

How To Use Artemisin Toothpaste

  • Used twice daily.

  • No side effect

Key Ingredients For Artemisin Toothpaste

Artemisia annua


  • Contains 200mg per tube.

Suitable For

  • All ages

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 3 × 10 cm


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Longrich Artemisin Toothpaste 200gArtemisin Toothpaste 200g: With Anti-Malaria Effect
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