Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty Liner: Sanitary and Absorbent.

Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty Liner

Ideal for everyday cleanliness and personal hygiene. The super-soft liner keeps you fresh and comfortable all the time. AIRIZ active oxygen & negative ion panty liner, with a silk-thin soft cotton surface layer, it is comfortable, sanitary, and absorbent.


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Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty Liner

The Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty Liner panty liner is designed to keep you comfortable and fresh all day long. It wicks away sweat, it’s anti-bacterial, and it even has negative ions that help fight odor, making the fabric not only absorbent but also pleasant on the skin.

Our active oxygen and negative ion chips can help you with a variety of factors that can impact your health such as the prevention of gynecological diseases, adjusting blood circulation, enhancing immunity and sterilizing. Instead of cleaning up after your period.

Using sanitary napkins or panty liners before or after the menstrual period can save a lot of money and also provide adequate protection from blood stains. They are safe and comfortable to wear, so many women choose this method. Pantyliner offers superior care on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Its wide range of products and exclusive quality can help reduce the number of symptoms you experience during your menstrual cycle.A lady by the name of Wang Jing told reporters that uses panty liners for a reason — it’s great when you don’t have too much menstrual blood and your periods aren’t too heavy. Not only is it comfortable and convenient, but it minimizes the risk of infections due to menstrual fluid.

No wonder so many women purchase it.

Airiz Touches Soft Cotton Panty LIner

Health Benefits of Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty

  1. Eliminates Skin infections.

  2. Prevents UTIs.

  3. Removes unpleasant odors


  • 30 Pieces

Suitable For

  • Women during menstruation

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 8 cm


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Airiz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty LinerAiriz Touchless Soft Cotton Panty Liner: Sanitary and Absorbent.
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