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About The Green World Products

About The Green World International !

We are the major distributor of The Green World products in Africa.

Major The Green World products application has been extended to about 120 diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, rickets, cardiac diseases, hyperlipemia, dermatitis, sexual malfunction, and arthritis. Testimonies and reports have shown that the effectiveness of the products are satisfactory.

Healthy and beauty consumer goods are the major focus of Norland products. It takes health detoxification as the core product.

This includes Zhimingde Detox Pro Pack, Detox Pro health food, Health way, Chaolikang and Fudi’an, Meibao Nutrition Health Food, Anti-aging Series, Platinum Luxury Anti-aging Skin Care Products, Nouripad Personal Care Products, “UingKing International Medical Cosmetology” project and service, REBORN anti-aging and health check project and service, detoxification check and susceptible genes project and service, “Benyuan Shenghuohui” store franchise system as well as “North Huigo Mall” Internet+ e-commerce platform.

The Green World Products

At present has got more than 100 Chinese traditional herbal products and other food supplements ranging from minerals, trace elements, vitamins and concentrates, and they function as antioxidants, detoxifiers, balancers, supplements, essential nutrients, corroborants and etc.

The products are available all over Africa and well received in America, EU, and many Southeast Asian countries. We have sets up our sales company specifically in charge of the marketing of the quality products.

We over 50 overseas branches and over 1200 franchises and retail shops.


Our Vision is to maintain among the mainstay forces around the world. This is by providing exciting, leading-edge concepts on the basis of all natural resources for the optimization of human health.

The Green World Mission

It is our Mission to develop and produce the products that cater for the needs of our customers. Also delight them as improve their well-being and the quality of their life.



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